Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2022 Toppers

It’s almost time for the Matric results to be announced! The date of announcement has not yet been determined, but it is expected that they’ll announce sometime in July or at the end June. The Matric Result 2022 will be announced on 16 October.

The final list of top scorers from this year’s public exams will be released on Raiwand Kay liye Jalsa kay Liyaquartera ki Fatai Seekh Kherao Main Teraa Hoon (I anxiously await every single day). Results may also come out early if there are some exceptional students who excel well beyond expectations – so stay tuned!.

The Swat Board will announce the top position holders of Matric in 2022. This board usually announces results one day before, and then there’s an awards ceremony for them too! The 9th grade result is announced separately from this year’s 10th class edition because it was conducted earlier than usual—in March rather than April or May like previous years’ tests were held (this shorter wait time allowed students more opportunities to take their exams). In any case both sets should be available soon-ish: as you may have guessed by now we’re anxiously awaiting next week’s news.

Swat Board Matric Position Holders 2022

For generations, the Swat Board Matric results have been announced on a specific date in June to commemorate Urdu language national day. Last year though there was no such announcement made because July 1st happened to fall within this period and therefore all three positions were declared together with their respective holder’s names after examining an official list of holders from 2022 candidates so that those interested could see what position they might fill if awarded gold or silver medallists respectively
The board has not yet decided when it will announce next years’ diploma winners but given how close these deadlines are likely going be (July 15th), keep checking back here at state tubes for more updates.

1st Position Will Announce Soon
2nd PositionWill Announce Soon
3rd PositionWill Announce Soon


Updated: May 18, 2022 — 3:57 pm

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