Some Private Schools Force Parents to Pay ‘Fuel Charge Adjustment’ With Fees

Education Sector is facing a lot of issues due to load shedding. During Board Exams students often give exams sitting in a closed room with no light and fans. MEPCO has received many complaints regarding this issue but never tried to listen or implement any thing to solve the load shedding problem during the exams period.

Some Private Institutes  are even forcing parents to pay the fuel adjustment charges of MEPCO Bill. There are many private educational institutes in the private sector, and many of them charge exorbitant tuition fees and mint money from parents in the name of extracurricular activities in order to justify the high tuition fees they charge.

A Fuel Charge Adjustment (FCA) is an additional means of collecting money from parents as part of their school fees.In accordance with fee vouchers, parents of students at private schools are required to pay FCA ranging from several hundred to several thousand rupees per year.

Sadly, parents are not able to opt out of paying the fees inclusive of FCA, since not paying these fees could result in their children being expelled from private educational institutions.

As a result of load-shedding in August, private schools and colleges were forced to run generators, which were mostly powered by diesel fuel.

Most parents have already paid their September fees due to the improvement in load-shedding conditions, according to the school’s owners.

Updated: July 9, 2023 — 10:14 PM

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