PMS Syllabus 2021 Punjab PPSC Subjects List

This is your chance to shine! Are you looking for the most comprehensive list of exams available? Well, look no further. We have compiled all three chances in one place so that it will be easier than ever before possible with everything from Theory tests and Practical Exams right here at hand when PMS syllabus time comes around again next year (or sooner)

It’s important to note that the new PMS syllabus has changed how subjects are graded. Now, each paper carries 100 marks and total 600 for all compulsory exams; while there are seven optional groups (A-G), any candidate can choose 1 subject from among them in an effortful manner with 200 point maximums per choice or 600 out of 1000 possible points if they take all seven classes offered – which might be good news because it could mean smaller essays. The Matric Result 2021 is going to announce today at 5:00 PM.

In 2021, the PMS Eligibility Criteria is also available here. So both optional and compulsory marks are 1200 for qualifying examiners to pass their posts with a minimum score of 50%.

In order to become eligible enough in posting responsibilities they will need an extra two hundred hours worth additional work outside class time which can be difficult when juggling all your academic obligations together while maintaining other social engagements like sports or clubs.

PMS Syllabus 2021 Punjab PPSC Subjects List

The examination will be conducted in the six PMS compulsory subjects along with three PMS optional subjects. The details of the papers are given below
Written Examination:

(Six Papers) Compulsory  Total 600 Marks
 (Three Papers) Optional Total  600 Marks

PMS Syllabus For Compulsory Subjects

(1)English Essay (An essay on one of the several specified topics)(Subjective)100 Marks

(This paper is intended to test the ability of the candidates in functional English comprising précis writing, translation from Urdu into English, composition and usage of idioms).

(Subjective)100 Marks

(Paper of Urdu (Compulsory) will comprise of Essay Writing, Précis, Explanation of Poetic Verses, Translation from English, Idioms and their usage.)

(Subjective)100 Marks
(4)Islamic Studies

Ethics (For Non-Muslims Candidates)

(Combination of both Subjective & Objective)100 Marks
(5)Pakistan Studies(Combination of both Subjective & Objective)100 Marks
(6)General Knowledge(Objective)100 Marks
(7)Psychological Test and Interview200 Marks

Important Note:

  1. Non-Muslims have the option to attempt a paper on Islamic or Ethics.
  2. 25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in the MCQs type paper of general knowledge.
  3. It is necessary to take all the compulsory subjects and three from the optional subject but not more than one from each group.

The syllabus for the Punjab martyrs scholarship is here! If you’re looking to prepare your 2021 PPSC exams, be sure and use this list. It was written based off of previous years’ curriculums so all suggested subjects should show up in what has been studied already or else check out  for further inquiry on course contents and more questions/comments about PMS testing arrangements .

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