Medical Courses After Matric and Inter in Pakistan

You can get all of your medical school needs on this page. You will find a complete list for colleges and universities in Pakistan, as well as information about each one from which you may choose to pursue higher learning after high school graduation. The 10th class Result is about to announce. The Result date is Announced.

Pakistan has one of the world’s highest burdens for child mortality, and most people in Pakistan will never be able to afford college. The dream is always there though: a student hopes that their children might become doctors or engineers when they grow up; but this isn’t so easy with only few colleges admitting students each year–and even then, many have very competitive exams which can deter hopeful candidates from applying at all!

In such challenging circumstances it becomes vital not just what you study, but also where your studies take place as countries like India provide free tuition fees while others charge large amounts per term.

The medical field is a highly competitive one and there are many courses that you can take to prepare for it. If medicine isn’t your thing, don’t leave just yet; these post-secondary programs will also be open after matriculation or intermediate levels of education so even those without plans on becoming doctors should give them some consideration!

With all this information at our fingertips I would recommend looking over the list below: “Do You Know What Your Options Are?”

Medical Courses After Matric in Pakistan:

  • FSC Pre Medical
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Medical X-Ray Technology
  • Medical Records Technology
  • Operation Theater Technology
  • Dialysis Technology
  • Heath Inspector
  • Opthalmic Technology
  • Dental Mechanic
  • Dental Hygiene

Medical Courses After Inter in Pakistan:

  • Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery (M.B.B.S)
  • Bachelor Of Pharmacy(B.Pharmacy)
  • Doctor Of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy)
  • Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • BS.C Nursing
  • BS.C Physiotherapy
  • BS.C Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)
  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
  • B. Tech. ( Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology)
  • BE in Environmental Engineering
  • B.Sc ( Bachelor of Science)
  • B.Sc Bioinformatics
  • B.Sc Biotechnology
  • B.Sc Nanotechnology
  • B.Sc Microbiology
  • B.Sc Phsychologist
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Biogenetics
  • Agricultural medicine
  • Biochemistry

If you’re wondering if there’s a chance for admission into the MBBS program, but your GPA and test scores aren’t up to snuff yet – don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of options other than this one! With all these listed on our page above- plus any help from us via email or messaging service (Commenting down below), we can get those grades where they need.

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