Matric Paper Scheme 2022 – All Subjects and All Boards

Every Year All Punjab Boards announce Matric Paper Scheme. The same goes for this year. The Matric Paper Scheme 2022 is not yet announced. It will be announced very soon. Till then keep visiting

Matric Paper Scheme 2022

A Matric paper scheme is the way to go if you want to maximize your chances of scoring high marks. Each year, students work day and night to score well in the BISE exam. Each year, the competition becomes tougher and tougher. Students are realizing new and better strategies to score higher marks. Now, they have begun to realize that just working hard is not enough to get good grades. The competition for good colleges and universities is getting tough now. Even the self-finance seats in government universities are tough to get these days. Therefore, it is high time you start including new strategies when you are preparing for the Matric annual examination.

One of these strategies is preparing by keeping the matric pairing scheme in mind. You have to trust us on this one. All of your preparation is on one side and this strategy is on another side. This will definitely increase your chances of scoring more than 95% marks more than two times. All you have to do is work smartly when you are preparing for the final exam. It will help you tackle the questions and will also give you an idea of what questions to attempt and what questions to leave on choice.

What is Matric pairing scheme?

Now if you are new to attempting board exams, you will not know about the pairing scheme. A pairing scheme is, as the name suggests, a scheme by which the examiner sets the questions in a pre-defined format. Didn’t get it? Don’t worry, I will try to explain it in simple terms. When the examiner is setting the annual exam for a subject, for example, physics. He will have a pairing scheme. That scheme will tell him what chapters to use when preparing short questions for section 1, section 2, and so on. Long questions are asked in pairs. This scheme will also let the examiner decide what chapters to use when asking a theory question and from what chapter he can give a numerical in that long question

See! You must be getting excited if you know how important this is for your preparation. This can add so much value to your preparation. You can save so much time when you are doing your last revisions or when you are preparing one day before the exam. This pairing scheme can help you plan your way of attempting the exam.

We realize that this may be your first time preparing for such a scheme, so further in the blog, we have also written about how to use this matric pairing scheme to prepare for your examination. Just keep reading the post carefully and you will get most of it.

How to prepare from pairing scheme all subjects?

Now that you have a pairing scheme for a subject, let us tell you how you can use it to prepare for an exam. You must already know the paper pattern. In the science subjects, you are asked short questions and long questions in the subjective part. Usually, there are three sections for short questions and one section for long questions. You will get choices when attempting the short questions and long questions. Now, if you have the choice, you can leave certain chapters when you are preparing. But that is not possible if you do not have the pairing scheme. Because without it, you cannot tell what chapter might be paired with the one you are planning to leave.

So, from the pairing scheme, you will know exactly which chapters you have to prepare for sure. For example, in the biology exam, you haven’t prepared chapter 3. And question number 2 of the long question is combined by asking questions from chapter 3 and chapter 5. Hence, you can even leave chapter 5. This way, you can have more time to prepare long questions from other chapters. This is how you can efficiently prepare if you have a pairing scheme. You may just study these chapters for short questions or MCQs.

Advantages of a Pairing Scheme

Now that we have established what is the pairing scheme and how you can use it to prepare, let’s discuss some of its advantages. Preparing matric exam from pairing scheme for all subjects is full of advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  1. Effective time management – We know that you will be leaving some chapters to choice. This will leave you with a lot more time to study other chapters. This way, you can attempt other chapters in a better way and ensure maximum marks
  2. Efficient preparation – You can prepare more efficiently. You know about your strengths and weaknesses. None of us is perfect. All of us have our own weak points. You may also have some weak points. You might not be able to comprehend some chapters. You can leave these chapters and focus more on other chapters.
  3. Better paper attempting – When you know what is going to come in the exam, you plan accordingly. This way, you will be able to plan your time when you will be attempting long questions. You will know what combination of questions is better for you, what questions are going to take more time, etc.
  4. More confidence – You have prepared all year for the final examination. This gives you a certain confidence. But when you know about the exam to this extent, then it gives you confidence on a whole new scale. Maybe you can even become a board topper. Who knows? Everything is possible if you work hard enough and smart enough for it!

Disadvantages of a Pairing Scheme

There are always some downsides to things. While something can have substantial benefits, it can also hold some demerits. The same goes for knowing the pairing scheme. Following are some of the demerits of the pairing scheme.

  1. Overconfidence – While it gives you a boost in confidence, too much of it is also harmful. You might become easy. This can affect the level of your preparation and as a result, affect your marks.
  2. You may become complacent – As you know the pairing scheme, you may not take things seriously. You may just leave things to the last day. This may ensure you get passing marks or even as much as 80%, but it cannot ensure you that extra 20% that you may get from hard work
  3. Unclear concepts left behind – While securing good grades is important, the main purpose of this whole process is for you to get a quality education. You may leave certain topics. These left concepts may prove to be important later on in your academic career. This leaves you graduating with good grades in matric or Fsc, but weak basics that will affect your MDCAT or ECAT preparation.

The main point of discussing these demerits was to make you warry of becoming more complacent and overconfident. You just have to avoid them and use the pairing scheme as a tool to ensure the best performance that you can give in Matric board exams 2022.

Past papers + pairing scheme strategy

This is a bonus tip. You may use this tip to ensure that you will get at least 90% plus marks in BISE annual examination in each subject. As the title suggests, this tip includes the combination of both past papers and a pairing scheme.

All of us know that a lot of questions get repeated in board exams. These questions are most important. You can ensure good marks just by preparing these. But if you combine the pairing scheme with this, then you can create your own guess paper that has more than a 95% guarantee of being correct. All you have to do is follow these simple steps

  1. Get the pairing scheme
  2. Buy the past papers or download them from our website.
  3. Note down the questions that are being repeated and are also part of the pairing scheme
  4. Put a star on questions that are repeatedly asked.
  5. Now, arrange these questions in a descending order depending on the number of stars assigned to a long question.
  6. You can do the same for short questions as well (although it will be more time consuming, so I advise you otherwise, and just use it for long questions first)

Advantages of this strategy

This strategy that we discussed above has a lot of advantages. Not only these questions will have the HIGHEST chances of being asked in the exam, but you can also selectively prepare from the chapters that you were going to leave in choice.

It will save a lot of your time. While long questions do not make up the bulk of your marks, they do consume more time. So it is always better to prepare guess questions for long questions this way.

I have used this strategy myself and I can tell you the results. I used it in the chemistry exam and my marks increased from 75 to 95 as compared to the previous year. No one told me about this strategy when I was in matric. It is too late for me. But you still have time. Ensure maximum marks and walk the path of success!


We discussed what the pairing scheme is, what are its advantages and disadvantages. We also talked about different ways you can use a matric pairing scheme for all subjects in the annual examination. Now, it is up to you whether you grab this opportunity when you have the chance or regret it later.

The pairing schemes may become available for you to download from this page if we find them.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is the pairing scheme trustworthy?

If the scheme is from a government teacher, then it is a high chance that it is the real deal.

Where can I get the scheme?

Most of the time, your teacher will provide you with the scheme. Schools make sure that their students have it. If not, you can ask your peers from government schools. They definitely have it

When to prepare using this pattern?

You should prepare this way when you have at least gone through the syllabus once. Before 1-2 months from your exam, you should prepare using our method.

Can this method increase my marks?

This method is best by test. There is a reason schools make sure that you have it.

Is the pairing scheme enough?

you have to study everything before you use the pairing scheme.

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