Matric Date Sheet 2022 – All Boards 10th Class Date Sheets Announced

Worried about Matric date sheet 2022? You are at the right place. We have been providing students with news relating to BISE for more than two years. We also have different guides on how you can prepare for your exams. Or how you can score the best in your BISE exams. So do read our blogs and enhance your chances of scoring well in the examination.

As for the 10th Class sheet 2022, we will be talking about the commencement of the BISE 2022 exams in this blog. Students work hard all year to secure good marks in their board exams. Owing to the emergence of academies, the competition among students has risen sharply. Thus, they have started to put in a little more effort to do their best. So, they plan ahead. For that, you are here too.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Matric Date Sheet 2022

Date Day Subject Paper Subject Paper
10-05-2022 Tuesday Persian/ N.E.W II Civics/ N.E.W II
11-05-2022 Wednesday English (Comp)(Group 1) II English (Comp)(Group 2) II
12-05-2022 Thursday Elements of Home Economics/ N.E.W II N.E.W II
13-05-2022 Friday Arabic/ N.E.W II N.E.W II
14-05-2022 Saturday
  1. Mathematics Science (Group 1)
  2. General Mathematics (Group 1)
  1. Mathematics Science (Group 2)
  2. General Mathematics (Group 2)
15-05-2022 Sunday Weekly Holiday Weekly Holiday
16-05-2022 Monday
  1. Chemistry (Group 1)
  2. General Science (Group 1)
  1. Chemistry (Group 2)
  2. General Science (Group 2)
17-05-2022 Tuesday Punjabi II N.E.W II
18-05-2022 Wednesday
  1. Biology (Group 1)
  2. Computer Science (Group 1)
    (Old/New Course)
  1. Biology (Group 2)
  2. Computer Science (Group 2)
    (Old/New Course)
19-05-2022 Thursday
  1. Islamiyat (Comp) (Group 1)
  2. Akhlaqiat Ethics (For non-Muslims)
II Islamiyat (Comp) (Group 2) II
20-05-2022 Friday Economics/ N.E.W II N.E.W II
21-05-2022 Saturday
  1. Physics (Group 1)
  2. Islamic Studies (Group 1)
  1. Physics (Group 2)
  2. Islamic Studies (Group 2)
22-05-2022 Sunday Weekly Holiday Weekly Holiday
23-05-2022 Monday Urdu (Comp) (Group 1) II
  1. Urdu (Comp) (Group 2)
  2. Geography of Pakistan (For Foreign Students in lieu of Urdu Compulsory)
24-05-2022 Tuesday Education/ N.E.W II History Of Pakistan/ N.E.W II
25-05-2022 Wednesday Pakistan Studies (Comp) (Group 1)
(Old/New Course)
II Pakistan Studies (Comp) (Group 2)
(Old/New Course)

Matric Date Sheet 2022

Matric date sheet 2022 Announcement Date

Usually, the date sheet is announced a month or two months before the exams. Board announces the date sheet on their official website. You can see your date sheet on your concerned board’s website. As of right now, the board has not announced the exam date sheet yet. But they have announced the date on which they will start the examination in the province of Punjab.

For this purpose, they issued a notification on the 28th of December 2021. The meeting was held by the Punjab Boards Committee of Chairpersons on the 13th of December 2021 in which they unanimously decided that the board exams of Matric and intermediate will start from May and June. Although the exact date sheets are to be announced yet. But, this is as much news as we could get from authentic sources. The matric exams will start from 10 May 2022 and the Intermediate 2nd-year exams will start from 18 June 2022.

We have a dedicated team of researchers that work hard to dig up this information. We do it for you free of cost. All we want from you is your support that you can provide by sharing this post with your friends on social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Matric Exam Commencement Date

As we have told you guys before, the Committee announced that matric exams will start on the 10th of May 2022. You worked hard for an entire year. Despite the undulating circumstances of COVID, you studied hard, not knowing if you will be able to showcase your hard work in the exam or not. But the wait is over now. You can start preparing for your exam now. How you can prepare for your exam? We have also written blogs about it. You can check out our blog about how you can study from Matric’s past papers. If you want us to write about more tips and tricks, you can let us know in the comments section.

You have February, March, and April to prepare for your exams. The date sheet will most probably be announced in the month of April. This is because usually, the board announces the date sheet one month before the start of the examination. You can use this time wisely to prepare well for your exam. In this blog, we are going to tell you some tips and tricks that you can use to do well in your exam.

How to do well in Matric exam 2022?

You can follow these tips and tricks if you want to do well in your exam. Literally, we wish that there was someone who could tell us when we were preparing for our exam. But our time has passed now. It is your job to do well in the BISE exam now. So you can follow these tips if you want to score the highest possible marks

Prepare past papers

This is one of the tips that we wished someone had told us before. If you feel like you are an average student and cannot cram everything, then this is the best tip for you. To be honest, everyone should prepare from Matric past papers. To more about it in detail, you can read our blog where we discussed this in detail.

Scheme of the Matric paper

Each year, students get to know about the paper schemes from government teachers. These teachers usually are in contact with the paper setters. So they know what chapters will be used for long questions, what chapters will be used for numerical, what is the combination of these chapters for part A and part B for a long question, etc. Thus combining this tip with past papers will guarantee at least 90% marks for you.

Manage your time – Focus

The key to everyone’s success is time management. You have to focus on your studies and your goal. Everyone in this world has the same time. The only difference is how you utilize your time. Respect your time so that the time will pay it back. You can turn off your phone when you are studying. Or if you are studying on a PC, you can disconnect the internet.

Do not procrastinate

This is related to the tip above. You have to stop procrastinating. To know more about this, you can watch this video as well. To stop yourself from procrastination, you can use the Pomodoro technique. This is my favorite technique to focus and save time. Do check it out on google.

Believe yourself

All of your hard work will go to waste if you do not believe in yourself. Self-belief can be considered a pillar of your success. So for a strong foundation, you must be positive that you will be rewarded for your diligence. Have faith in Allah.


So, the main crux of this blog was that the matric date sheet 2022 will be announced probably in April. Exams will start from 10 May 2022 and the exams of Fsc part 2 will start from 18 June 2022. You have a lot of time at hand to prepare well for the examination. We also shared some tips with you that you can use to maximize the use of this time. You have all the guidance that you can have to do well this time. So start your work from NOW so that you can do well tomorrow.


When will matric exams start?

Matric exams 2022 will start from 10 May 2022.

When will the date sheet be announced?

The date sheet will be announced in April.

When will the board announce the date sheet of the matric science group?

BISE will announce the date sheet for the science and arts group in April.

Will the exam of the arts and science group start on the same date?

Yes, the exams of both groups will start on the same date.

Updated: May 19, 2022 — 9:45 am

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