Malakand Board Inter Position Holders 2021 2nd Year, 1st Year

The suspense is killing students of Malakand Board Inter Position Holders 2021 2nd Year, 1st Year as they are eagerly waiting for the result. The same happens with HSSC Part 1 and it’s under processing while there has been no confirmation from board management about when will be released information pertaining to their part in 2020s province level exams; only saying that ‘it’ll be available soon’. The 10th Class Result 2021 will be announced on 16 October.

Malakand Board Inter Position Holders 2021

The Malakand Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has been working for many years, but there is no official date to release the positions on the second year. However, HSSC Part 1 exam had an issue with complete details which will be announced when it’s resolved or released by August this year – 2019 inclusively . 1st-year students were promoted as well since their result was not enough strong enough despite them having passed both parts successfully; however ,the announcement about 2nd yr position holders’ results haven’t come out yet so we can only wait until then!

1st Position Holders Name
  • Muhammad Ismail
  • Wasim Hussain
  • Maaz Ahmad
  • Muhammad Nawaz
2nd Position Holders Name
  • Sawera Gul
  • Hira Amin
3rd Position Holders Name
  • Zari Ashiq
  • Bilal Ahmad
  • Faryal Tasneem
  • Saeed Ullah
  • Saba Gul
  • Riaz Ul Haq
  • Shah Faisal

After a long day of studying for the final exam, many students enroll in FSC, FA and ICOM programs but before announcing their results on one particular date all students will be able to see what position they’re ranked against. For some other board result links you can click on these links if your country is Peshawer Board; Kohat Result where it’ll show up when someone searches “Kohat”, etc…
Finally there’s also mention that Bannu Karor Link exists so make sure not miss checking those out too!

Malakand Board 2nd Year Position Holder 2021

A few years ago, this organization was in charge of providing education for the students. It is located near tribal areas and many people from these regions have low awareness about what they need to study before coming here because there’s no other option but Tribal Authority School (TAS). However, thanks to an awareness campaign launched by TAS themselves as well as other efforts put forth by others such like teachers’ unions- parents now want their children not only go through primary school but also get higher level degrees if possible; something we’ve never seen happen before!
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