Lahore College for Women University LCWU Admission 2022

The Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is an educational institution that offers quality programs to female students. Students who have passed their intermediate exams can apply for admission in 2022, and the college also has undergraduate and postgraduate courses too! It’s a very strict girls’ school so only those with female gender will be accepted into this university.

LCWU is now accepting applications for the Academic Session 2022. This year’s programs include Ph.D., Humanities & Social Sciences, Designs and Visual Arts Education Technology Engineering Languages Cultures! Prospectuses are available online or at your nearest campus store with a deadline coming up soon – don’t miss out on these opportunities that could be right for you so apply today before it’s too late!

Lahore College for Women University LCWU Admission 2022

Before going any further, let’s have a short introduction to Lahore College for Women University. As an institution committed 90 years of service and with no regrets in providing quality education at affordable prices without compromising on academic excellence or community outreach projects that help students become responsible global citizens capable enough not just serve their country but also other communities across the world.

Lahore College for Women University Admission Form:

The application fee for the Law College of Western Umrandar (LCWU) can be paid along with your admission form. The Prospectus is downloadable from our website and also on this page!

The law college offers scholarships, financial aid programs that are specific to students who qualify in certain ways—those interested should check out all they have available before deciding which one will work best based off their situation as well as potential salary after graduation.


LCP is a merit-based scholarship program that promotes higher education for deserving students. To apply, all you need are the right qualifications and some documentation which can be submitted online at myLCP or in person during our office hours on Thursdays between 9am to 11:30 am (only those days) starting October 30th 2018 until June 25 2019 .
Looted Need Based Scholarships Offered By LCWU University Of Lahore For Bise Pakistan Positions Holders.

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