Join Pak Army As Captain 2021 Registration Online Through Short Service Commission

To many, the idea of joining Pakistan’s army is an attractive one. That may be because not only are they doing important work in their country but also because it has been reported that women applicants do well with enthusiasm and passion for this sector!

All those wishing to become officers should read about how you can register online before registration opens up again later next year – don’t miss out on your dream job by waiting until 2025 when 2022 short service commission applications reopen (you’ll need proof at age 18). I hope someone will inspire others like myself who want nothing more than make positive differences right here at home too.”

The Pakistan Army is a powerful and prestigious organization that has been responsible for protecting the people of this country from their enemies. In 1947, when it came into existence as an independent branch within the armed forces with 1 million reservists at its disposal–it quickly became one-of-a kind in terms not just size but also responsibility. This force was heavily involved during three wars against India (1962), another border skirmish involving Afghanistan (2009) alongside many smaller engagements between opposing sides.

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Join Pak Army As Captain 2021 Registration Online Through Short Service Commission

Every year, the Pakistan Army opens up their short service commission course for new recruits. For those who are interested in becoming officers and joining one of its many branches or commissions with rank ranging from captain all the way down to private first class! Below is some information on how you can apply online today
I hope this blog helped clarify what exactly goes into being ‘short-service’ commissioned into military service – if not then don’t hesitate any longer because there’s always next week 😉

Join Pak Army as Captain Online Registration 2021

Registration Start Date14 June 2021
Registration Last Date4 July 2021

Join Pak Army as Captain Eligibility Criteria

For those students who are going to apply in the Pakistan army as an officer, one must first ensure they meet all qualifications and objectives for this position. It is important that you check with us before submitting your application online so we can make sure it’s eligible!

  • Minimum GPA 2.5 out of 4.
  • If you getting the education as an annual system then 605 marks are required.
  • The graduate will consider from authorized universities HEC and PEC.

Registration Procedure:

Join the army now and get your free pass! Visit for more information on how you can enter today, plus if there are any details that need clarification before applying then visit one of our nearest cities’ recruitment centers near Rawalpindi (including its regional headquarters), Lahore Gilgit Faisalabad Pano Aqil Khuzdar Abbottabad Dera Ghazi Khan.

I hope this article has helped answer some questions about joining military service in Pakistan as well answering.

This is a great opportunity to make sure that we always have the best and brightest serving in our armed forces. So if you think your skills could help give us an advantage over other countries’ armies, then apply now!

Updated: October 16, 2021 — 10:27 am

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