How to Join Pakistan Army After Matric? Guide

After Matric, it is possible to join the Pakistan Army and serve your country. There are many ways for a person in order to do so- there’s an option of waiting until they graduate or finishing their education at graduation level before applying; another would be joining as soon as one graduates from high school by completing his/her matriculation certificate with 2 year mandatory service on offer after passing out exams successfully which he must fulfil unless exempted under any law regarding military recruitment etc.

Then lastly you could also enter through Officers’ Candidate School – general category into merger BSFA whereas if enrolled FSCs than only those will get recruited who fulfill all criteria because this requires more qualification but according final result regardless how good became CCT test marks counts disqualified.

What are the selection criteria for men to join the army?

Men who can pass a rigorous physical test and have above-average intelligence. It’s not just about having strength or height; they also need an excellent eye sight! This is why so many more women apply as well – nowadays there aren’t any restrictions on how those qualifications can be achieved, unlike when I first enlisted back in ’67.

Join Pakistan Army After Matric

For those who are interested in the army but due to low education, they think we’re not eligible. Pakistan is now recruiting people with matriculation certificates only! Apply before it’s too late – these positions may go fast!

Join the Pakistan Army through a variety of posts after matriculation. Some people may join as solider, while others might pursue other options such as officer ship or becoming an NCO in charge of enlisted personnel
Join either one’s desired career track- soldiering is your call.

Age Limit

Intermediate Or Equivalent 17-22 Years Relax able for three months both in upper and lower age limit
Graduates (2 years graduation) and serving PN / PAF Personnel 17-23 years
Graduates with 4 years graduation program (BS/BA(Hon) / BBA) 17-24 years
Serving Army Soldiers 17-25 Years

Requirements to join the Army

People who are male, unmarried, and citizens of Pakistan can join the army if they are taller than 5’4″, or have a BMI of 30. To apply to the army, you need to have at least 60% in matriculation certificate.

Updated: May 19, 2022 — 9:45 am

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