How To Join Pakistan Army After Graduation B.Com/BSC/BA

Post-graduate degrees can open up better opportunities for you if joining now, but consider all your options before making a decision. It is possible that some careers may not require an advanced degree – in those cases it’s best to explore other routes into military service like national guard or reserves instead of going through Officer Candidate School (OCS).

When you are getting ready to graduate, join the Pak army! This way not only will your life-long dream of becoming a soldier be fulfilled but also get an opportunity at being in civilian staff. You have different options available for when it comes time to take on these posts after completing MBBS degree – so check out what they entail before making any final decisions about which route is best suited for yourself.

The Pakistan Army has always been there helping us fight against adversity through tough times no matter how small or large they may appear; I know that if given this chance then my duty would never change because its importance could never weigh heavier than family values. You can also join Pak Army after Matric. For that you must have good grades. The 10th class Result is about to announce. The Pak Army admission will start with in few weeks from now.

How To Join Pakistan Army After Graduation B.Com/BSC/BA

The Pak Army is always looking for new recruits. After you graduate, there are many different opportunities available in the army including Second Lieutenant ships as well as Captainships! On this page we have all of those information and requirements so that it’s easy to apply.

As Information & Computer Technology Officer:

A) Education:

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of two years’ experience in the relevant field. A master’s degree would also be beneficial, as well as at least 16 academic credits from an accredited institution or university that is above allzx2be tested on their knowledge related to geographical information systems (GIS).

In addition, preference may be given those age 28 and under who possess either bachelor’s degrees with emphasis GIS Software Engineering/Computer Engineering & Computer Sciences instead. Ablebodied applicants without these qualifications but still interested should contact us immediately for further details about how they can apply!

B) Eligibility:

  • If you want to join the army as a captain then you should be Pakistani citizen or domicile holder of Azad Kashmir/Gilgit and if you have dual nationality, then you have to surrender the other one at the time of selection.
  • The marital status of the candidate has to be single.
  • Your height has to be 162.5 meters.
  • Weight will be according to the body mass index.

As Second Leautinent

A) Education:

The candidate should have an educational background that allows him or her to teach at a high school level. Additionally, they must also possess two years of PAF personnel service before applying for this position so as not only does their teaching qualifications match up well but it will give them enough time working with our military students too!

B) Eligibility:

  • All the Pakistani Male citizens or Domicile holders of Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan are allowed to apply but the dual nationality holders have to surrender the other nationality at the time of selection.
  • The candidate must be unmarried and the age between 17 to 24 years.
  • Height: 5’4” (162.5 cm).

Registration and Selection for Pakistan Army 

  • Following that, aspirants are required to register on the Pakistan Army website, and they are asked to submit their documents as well as the prospectus fee.
  • The candidates must then report to the AS&RC nearest them for registration and roll no slips.
  • Then there’s a preliminary test, which includes a written exam, a medical exam, and a physical exam.
  • Those who pass these tests are eligible to take the ISSB exam.
  • Candidates who pass the ISSB test are subsequently invited to GHQ for interviews, where the ultimate selection is decided.
  • Following that, the chosen applicants are sent to PMA for training (06 months for ICTO and 02-years training for Second Lieutenant candidates).
  • The Pakistan Army welcomes the servicemen after this training.
Updated: October 16, 2021 — 10:27 am

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