How to Join Pakistan Air Force After Matric? Guide

Joining the Air Force is not easy. After matriculation, graduation or even when you are just about to start your university degree; one has a long list of requirements that must be met in order for them to join this prestigious military organization called Pakistan Armed Forces (PAF). However, if by some chance they meet all criteria necessary then what comes next?

Joining up will most certainly open many opportunities such as career advancements and higher pay rates which can only attract more people into joining. The Matic Result is about to announce. The Result date is Announced.

If you want to join an elite group that challenges life’s boundaries and limits, then the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is for you. Every year a number of students go through selection procedures in order to work for this renowned organization which has been proven as one of Asia’s most effective air forces with its proud history dating back decades ago when it first became operational during World War II under British command on August 15th 1944 at Tengah Air Base Karachi where they took part against Nazi German Luftwaffe flying bomber planes from defeated Japan until VE Day – Victory over Germany/Japan day came along May 8 1945 ending WWII bringing total destruction upon Hitler regime.

How to Join Pakistan Air Force After Matric?

There are many posts in the Pakistan Air Force for all of us. But there is a set criterion that needs to be met before applying or being considered eligible for these jobs – like education levels and physical health conditions among others which can greatly affect one’s chances at success as well make them miserable while on-the-job! If you want your application processed quickly with no hassle then consult this list below.

PAF stands (or flies) tall when looking into its future thanks largely due their “Elite” pilot trainees programmed where those willing students have been trained right here locally alongside some international talent worth watching out.

Criteria to Join PAF

After passing the three different educational levels, candidates can join Pakistan Air Force PAF. That’s why each job has its own eligibility criteria that will be mentioned in an advertisement when it is published by officials of todays leading newspapers or websites

The tone here should also sound easy because this information isn’t too complicated but readers might need more detail so they don’t get lost on where their next step needs take place.

Selection Procedure

To enter Pakistan Air Force, one first needs to be selected in a series of tests and interviews. The starting point is an academically rigorous selection process that includes physics and English for both FSc level exams from the center’s officials as well as panel discussions after which you will undergo preliminary medical examinations at PAF Information & Selection Centers before being flown off on Flying Aptitude Test should your occupation allow it (depending if this applies). Afterwards final merit rankings are made by headquarters itself.


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