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Education in Pakistan has always been a responsibility of both federal and provincial government. However, with the passing of the 18th Amendment this system changed drastically because now only 47 subjects including primary & secondary schools can make decisions about themselves but not without repercussions down line when we cut off completely from Canon Law which will be implemented after 8 years assuming that nothing goes wrong during these eight long years.

A lot is at stake here; if there are no problems then everything should go smoothly, right? Wrong! Without taking into account all aspects involved like social inequity among other things (such as class), you’re setting yourself up for failure before even beginning your education journey.

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The governor was speaking at the third convocation of UVAS. He urged Prime Minister and political leadership to ensure that universities are allocated maximum funds for higher education, as he felt HEC had been given unfair devolution in recent years due to court rulings against them by Supreme Court justices who were appointed before him tenure began.

Khosa said he would advocate for universities to receive greater funding from the government, and pledged that this issue should not be stopped. He felt rather than stopping university budgets cold through cutbacks or increased taxes on their end as a solution in light of increasing needs over time – referring specifically to statements made by British prime minister Theresa May who stated “it was pathetically low” allocations towards education- Khosa stressed how important it is now more than ever before if we want future generations’ success so they too can contribute back into society just like those living today have done.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Nawaz said the administration was trying to inculcate quality as an attitude in UVAS and digitalizing its all functions through UMS. “Our focus is professionalism with ethical personality attribute, practical field orientation, facilities sharing for new programs that enhance HR policies across private sector linkage which will ultimately lead towards higher levels of service delivery while also developing research within this university.”

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Updated: October 16, 2021 — 10:27 am

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