Education System In Balochistan Essay

The education system in balochistan is flawed, and the people there are nowhere near as well off financially or even socially. The recent survey by Azat foundation revealed that quality of schools does not exist throughout most regions which points to a massive problem with how badly this area has been managed over many years.

The report also showed recognition for its transparency when compared against other organizations’ surveys on similar topics due to being completely independent from any vested interests whatsoever meaning their findings can’t be skewed either way just because somebody wants them too!

The education system in Baluchistan is a serious issue, with only 33% of the population being literate. The literacy rate can be attributed primarily to ghosts schools which have left many youths neglected by their government and providing them no opportunity for success or fulfillment. To help address this problem more resources need to go into teaching so that students do not feel cheated out of opportunities they deserve just because there are some who refuse these responsibilities-especially since it’s up among teachers themselves whether we will succeed here at home. Now it’s time for the Matric Result 2021. Baluchistan Boards will announce the result soon but All Punjab Boards will announce the Matric result on 16 October 2021.

Education System in Baluchistan Essay

The people of Turbat are constantly fighting for the basic human rights. They need water, electricity and toilets so they can go about their day without feeling like outsiders in their own country
Output: The people of Balochistan face many obstacles every day because fundamental needs such as access to clean drinking water or an education system with teachers who show up on time leaves them vulnerable.

The education in Balochistan is lacking behind where it should be. Schools and colleges are not given the attention they deserve, but rather taken for granted by most people who live there due to lack of funding or resources from outside sources such as lab equipment that many schools do not have access too without which students may avoid taking sciences classes altogether if their options previously existed only through private tutoring services at exorbitant prices ($100/hr).

When the government fails to take action, it leaves students in a fix. As examiners and teachers turn blind eye or play around with their workbooks when faced with cheating during an examination – this leads many unfortunate situations where kids end up leaving school at all costs because they can’t afford fees after every budget announcement by Minister of Education which makes academics costlier than ever before!

This is a shame because it means that many talented people will go unnoticed. Furthermore, there’s less of an opportunity for scholarships which can make up some difference in education costs or give students more motivation if they’re not from wealthy families – but even then most need financial assistance just to get through college at all!
The total number universities within Balochistan only has three while Punjab has 20– meaning its literacy rate34%. This leads into problems such as lack-of resources and high dropout rates due heavily influenced by poverty level incomes among residents here who have little access outside their region except when travelling abroad.

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