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If you are here for Bahawalpur Matric result 2021, then you are at the right place. The matric result date is announced. Bahawalpur board matric result is going to announce on 14 September 2021. We will inform you each and everything that you want to know about the results. But the thing is, BISE has not announced the result yet. The government formed BISE Bahawalpur in 1998. It is a relatively new board. The students of BISE Bahawalpur are really hardworking and intelligent. Although the board is new, the students are very good and get good grades each year.

Check Result 2021

Check Your Matric Result 2021 Online


Bahawalpur Matric Result Announcement Date

As far as the Matric board result is concerned, BISE Bahawalpur has not announced it yet. Whenever students hear of exams, two things come into their mind. One is an exam and the other thing is the result. This year, 9th class exams will start on the 24th of February. The 10th class exams will start from 11th of March 2021. Once they have taken the exams, students will get worried about the results. BISE Bahawalpur will announce the result in the months of late August or start of september.

But students, you should not get worried. Because we will tell you everything you need to know about the results. We will tell you about different ways of knowing your result. You will also know where you can find your result. We will keep you guys updated so do not worry.

Bahawalpur Board Matric result 2021

How to check Bahawalpur Matric result 2021?

On the day of the result, students panic about when they will get to know the results. But here we are going to tell you how you can know your result. You can know your result by following ways:

  • By checking out our website.
  • you can check your result via an SMS
  • Students can also get their result through a gazette

How to Search Result Through Website

When the result comes, you need not worry. You can just visit our website by any of your devices. How you will do that? you should not worry about that too. We will tell you how you will search your result step by step through our website.

  1. Open your device
  2. Make sure it is connected to the internet
  3. Come on our website
  4. You will get a bar where you can enter your roll number
  5. After entering your roll number, click the search bar.
  6. Your result will automatically appear on the screen.

But before you check your result online, we should tell you something. Because thousands of students will be checking their result on time, it will take a while to load the page. Such a huge amount of traffic on the website will cause this. But do not worry, it is just for some moments.

The page will load and you will know your marks. And there are additional advantages that you get if you check your result online here. You will also know the details of your results. You will know individual subject marks here which will not appear if you use any other means. So when the time comes, remember the perks of using our website.

How to Search Result through SMS

You can also search Bahawalpur board matric result 2021 through SMS. All you have to do is follow the steps we have written for you here and you can easily get to know your result. Just send an SMS and know your marks. Come on boys and girls, do not panic and follow these steps

  1. Open your message sender on the phone
  2. Type your roll number
  3. Send that SMS to this number “800298”
  4. You will shortly get a message in which you will know your marks

Check your Matric Result by SMS Bahawalpur board

There is one thing that you guys should know is that you guys should wait when you are checking result through  SMS. This is because hundreds of thousands of students will be checking the result at that moment. Due to such huge amounts of traffic, the system becomes busy. As a result, you will get the result after a few minutes. But do not worry, have patience. You will definitely get a message which will tell you your marks.

Search Bahawalpur Board Matric Result Through the Gazette

You can also know your marks through a gazette. The problem with the gazette is that you have to go to some photocopy shop where the owner has the gazette and you will have to pay him. Or you have to go to Bahawalpur board head office and get the gazette yourself. This wastes a lot of time. But again, you can get your result by this method as well. Just get a gazette and search your roll number or your name. You will know your result in a matter of moments. More ever, you will also know the result of the whole board. that includes thousands of students.

The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to know your result details.

Search Result Through Name

If you want to know the result of your friends or family but you do not know their roll number, do not worry. You can just follow the following steps and you will know the result.

  1. Come to our website or open a gazette.
  2. Enter the name of your friend.
  3. Spellings of name should be correct
  4. click on the Find button

You will have to search the name for quite a while before you get the exact person. This is because at least thousands of people have the same name and it will be difficult for you.

Bahawalpur Board Toppers

Students of Bahawalpur board are really intelligent and hard working. They get really good marks each year and compete with other board students. We will tell you about BISE Bahawalpur toppers so that you can see how talented the students are.

10th class toppers 2019

Position Name Roll number Marks
1 Ayesha Yasin 718735 1086/1100
1 Areeba Noor 845552 1086/1100
2 Muhammad Talha 712703 1085/1100
2 Syed Moeez ul Haq 758262 1085/1100
3 Umm-e-Zainab 715115 1083/1100
3 Maria Amin 725952 1083/1100
3 Nimra Fatima 766801 1083/1100
3 Umm-e-Hani 805538 1083/1100
3 Aleeza Batool 805679 1083/1100


10th class toppers 2018

Position Name Roll number Marks
1 Abuzar Saeed 803917 1085/1100
2 Ayesha Ali 738208 1084/1100
2 Rana Muhammad Zakaullah Shahid 803689 1084/1100
3 Areeba Irshad 833393 1083/1100

So I hope you found this article on Bahawalpur board matric result 2021 helpful. we will keep you guys updated. So please keep checking out on us.

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