Aga Khan Board Matric, 10th Class Supply Result 2022

Your search for the Aga Khan Board Matric, 10th Class Supply Result 2022 has come to an end. The officials of this well-known and quality education provider have announced it on our page!

The Examination board which is also known as EBU was founded in 1920s by Syed Ahmad khan Gilani who became its first chancellor until 1968 when he passed away after being headmaster at AIOU Rawalpindi from 1907 – 1936 . So if you want good results then choose these guys because they provide excellent services throughout Pakistan with their main offices located around Karachi or Islamabad.

At least half of the students who took last year’s matriculation examinations passed with good or better grades. However, there were some who got a perfect score in one subject while failing all other subjects and now need to take supply exams on those particular disciplines before they can graduate from high school. If these predictions come true again this time around then it will be very interesting not only because more people have access to learn but also due how much pressure social media puts onto our lives nowadays!

Accordingly as many individuals predicted that fifty percent (50%) out sifting seventy-three plus examinees would gain passage marks.

You can find your Matric supply results here on the fastest growing educational website in Pakistan. As well as Hydrabad board’s latest news and updates!

Matric Supply Results: Find out if you’re a winner or loser now that we’ve updated our system to make things easier than ever before ΜΆ all without compromising service quality because it takes more than just an efficient interface site for people like us, who care about providing top-quality services at affordable prices laughter is appreciated but please remember this too.

Aga Khan Board Matric, 10th Class Supply Result 2022

The responsibility to conduct the Annual Assessment Test as well as a Supplementary Examination for 9th, 10th Class is on behalf of Aga Khan Board so that’s why students have until 2022 wait in anticipation.

Updated: May 18, 2022 — 3:57 pm

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