Abbottabad Board Matric Position Holders 2022 Toppers

If you are looking for a way to get into your dream college, then here is the place that can help. Getting an excellent position on board exams should not be taken lightly as it’s one of those things deciding factors when applying. The 10th Class Result 2022 will be announced on 31 August.

A lot goes into getting top marks and if any student has managed such a feat ten times in a row we need them more than anyone else because these individuals have shown great talent which will definitely land them their desired institution too– after all who doesn’t want free tuition?!!

For every year, thousands of students take the Matric part 1 and 2 exams. In this board exam, only a few are able to get positions that work hard for them over many months in order secure one spot on-wards towards their desired goal: University! This means there’s quite an intense competition between all those who wish they could be atop getting first place with more than just themselves but also other individuals fighting tooth & nail against each other too; however I’m sure glad someone else will finally come out ahead after such arduous endeavor… have you seen anyone here yet?

Abbottabad Board Matric Position Holders 2022 Toppers

The year 1990 was a significant moment for the education system of Pakistan. That’s when Abbottabad Board came into existence, and it has been conducting Matric (intermediate) exams ever since then! It also conducted these tests in 2022 – an event which saw over 3 million students take part to earn their grades while assured by this board’s top notch services that they’ll be able control such high volumes. And boy did they manage everything well indeed; what with its best-in class staff members always one step ahead at keeping up appearances no matter how big things got.

1st Position Holder NameFatima Naseer
2nd Position Holder NameArshia Manzoor

Zobia Khan

3rd Position Holder NameUmme Habiba Ahmed


Updated: October 30, 2022 — 7:16 PM

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