A step towards a progressive Pakistan

Asma Jahangir’s victory in the Supreme Court Bar Association elections is a momentous event for not only her country but also all of its political and legal landscape. She has remained firm on principles, even though it’s difficult to find integrity among those who know how scarce these things really are today with everything that goes around us online or anywhere else you can imagine.

I’m sure most people would agree–outspoken lawyer Asmah Jahanbirdi Wins The Elections And Im pleased as punch.

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More importantly, her reasoned approach to recent bouts of judicial activism has been a source of strength for stakeholders in the democratic process. Almost every progressive Pakistani was overjoyed with her election as head because it seemed like their voice would finally have some say-so at this professional body which had been on its last leg due only too much partisanship politics.

The lawyers’ movement created a stir in 2007, but the bars had started to assume the role of political party with an exaggerated notion that their power could be used. Instead of focusing on what needed repairing or improving about legal education and lawyerly life – namely lackadaisical attitudes towards other people’s cases – they turned into rowdy mobs televangelists spouting off any old bilge at will while acting as spokespersons for free judges who should never have existed in 1st place!

The Supreme Court is not above the Constitution and this has been highlighted by a judge after he suggested that popular opinion should be considered more than legal precedent.

The apex of their approach in NRO case came when Asma Jahangir argued against it, highlighting its problematic aspects with other lawyers on her side including prominent figures such as Arif Mohammad Khan MP from PMLN party who spoke out about how they disagreed with some decisions made during proceedings.

It is rare to find someone so dedicated and radical. Her dedication can be seen in the way she has lived her life for over four decades, despite being labeled as an opponent of Pakistan’s judiciary system which many thought would limit or even prevent other progressives from working towards change within this country’s government structures due largely because their view was limited by those around them who only saw one side: hers–and always had been since before they knew what it meant whenorceful words such as “independent” were used against women like Malala Yousufzai during last year’s election campaign period where some politicians tried but failed miserably at discrediting not just any woman candidate…but THE WOMAN candidates running strong campaigns across all 33 Provincial Assembly.

Updated: October 16, 2021 — 10:27 am

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