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After clearing Matriculation level, students are able to get admission in their desired course of study. All it takes is a few good grades and some effort on their part. The Result is not announced yet. The Check is almost complete. The Punjab Board has announced the Result date. The Matric Result 2022 will be announced on 16th October.

In 10th grade, the aspirants choose to study those subjects they have already studied in 9th class. Arts students take arts classes and science-related courses for their remaining high school years while most others follow this pattern as well but there is some flexibility depending on future career aspirations or interests which can change at any time before college admissions start up again next fall semester.

As in matriculation level you have to obtained good marks in both 9th and 10th class so it is really important for you to pay proper attention to your studies. By paying close attention, not only will this help with the boards’ annual exams but also get admission into any college that’s right up your alley after premed.

The educational boards are responsible for conducting exams of class 9th and 10th. The papers in all subjects or arts and sciences groups comprise two sections, objective-based questions which test your factual knowledge on a particular subject you have studied; it’s like taking an exam but without any essay writing! In addition, there is also subjective part where students can express their opinion about what they think happened during certain scene from movie (if chosen).

The objective type paper in the exam comprised of multiple-choice questions. The subjective type paper has short and long answer types, but it is more difficult to grade since there’s no way for teachers or graders to know how much thought you put into your response unless they see it written down with every detail correct.

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